WordPress Stats for Chrome – Troubleshooting Guide

by Place for Bloggers

If you got this far you probably installed the WordPress stats extension and encountered an error.

Lets go over several steps that helped others.

Get WordPress.com API Key

  • If you are not sure what is your API key check how to get WordPress API key.
  • Make sure you use the right API key. Some users signup more than once to WordPress.com and mixed blog domain, that is assigned to one WordPress.com user, with API key of a second WordPress.com user.

Error retrieving WordPress Stas

If you got the word error on the extension icon in place of actual stats try the following:

  1. Copy the following URL into a text file. http://stats.wordpress.com/csv.php?api_key=myApikey&blog_uri=http://myDomain.com&days=1&format=xml&table=views
  2. Replace myApikey with your real apikey and myDomain.com with your real domain. For example: http://stats.wordpress.com/csv.php?api_key=e73bf450bebc&blog_uri=http://placeforbloggers.com&days=1&format=xml&table=views
  3. Put the updated URL in your browser. You should see the current number of your blog views, twice, on screen.
  4. If that did not work for you, in your browser right click on the extension icon and select ‘Options’ . Verify, manually, that you filled your domain (including http://) and your API correctly. Sometimes copy and paste add hidden characters.

If you still encounter issues or have a question feel free to contact me at http://placeforbloggers.com/wordpress-stats-chrome-extension-feedback/

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