15 Thesis Theme Customization Resources – Thesis WordPress Tips and Tricks

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If you are using WordPress Thesis theme this post is for you. There are tons of thesis tips and tricks around. Here I share a list of resources I found useful on the way. Enjoy :)

If you run a WordPress blog and you don’t have ,yet, a professional theme you should read more about the Thesis WordPress theme.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Placing Ads in the Thesis WordPress Theme – I think the name of the post speaks for itself. A must reading for all bloggers that implement the thesis theme in their blogs.

2. Marko Saric from howtomakemyblog, who has the most beautiful Thesis implementation I know, describe 8 Thesis design tips including customize welcome message and side bar background color

3. Rae Hoffman will teach you everything you need to know about Thesis hooks

4. In thesisthemehq the guys talk about tag line customization including placing the tagline under the header image and adding a search box to the tagline.

5. Bey Luen from bloghighlight presents Simple Way To Customize Copyright Footer In Thesis Theme

6. Another one by Bey Luen is Customizing Thesis Theme 404 Error Page

7. Blake Schwendiman from thewhyandthehow.com provides technical post about Integrating Facebook Connect using the Thesis theme

8. DoubleMule presents way to Add Your Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header

9. Berchman form Berchman.com provides tutorial about customizing “After the Post” Box

10. If you want to get more from your footer you can find tutorial, in thesisthemetools.com, about Widgetized “Fat” Footer

11. Michael grey from wolf-howl.com provides post about How to Add Adsense Section Targeting

12. If you want a specific header for different pages check Page specific headers in Thesis from kristarella.com

13. If you want to read more about thesis file structure check Thesis File Structure Tutorial

14. If you had the problem with rotating images after upgrading to thesis 1.8 check Fixing Thesis 1.8 Rotator Images Not Displaying After Upgrade

15. If have not upgraded to Thesis 1.8 yet you should read about the new feature list in thesis 1.8

I hope you find this list useful.

You can also read about my way to make blog professional with thesis

BTW – what do you think about my thesis implementation. I tried to go for a clean implementation. Any suggestions?

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Anuj@improve google pagerank January 12, 2012 at 10:43 am

Firstly thanks mate appreciate it. This is one a a very small number of thesis sites that I have book marked — I come back to this site again and again, thank you for all your hard work.

Secondly I am using a skin from thesis themes and therefore have no idea on how to adjust the function php and do it that way i.e. by creating a custom page template — because the skin uses a custom page template for a “portfolio style” page.

That being said would you recommend another way — and why would removing the sidebars via css NOT be optimal ?

Appreciate your help


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