How To Embed Video in WordPress: Video Plugin WordPress List

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In this post I cover the best WordPress video plugins and provide short WordPress tutorial about embedding videos in WordPress.

How to embed YouTube video in WordPress blog

It is very simple to embed video in WordPress.

  • Navigate to any video on YouTube.
  • Click on the <Embed> button at the bottom right corner of the video.
  • Copy the embed code to your clipboard.
  • Go to edit state of your WordPress post.
  • Switch to ‘HTML’  view.
  • Paste the embed code in the desired location and publish the post.

Top WordPress embed video plugins

WordPress Video Plugin - A great plugin for  WordPress that allows easy video embedding of many sites. According to the developers it supports for 63 different video sites. Downloads 206,981.

Video Embedderlets you easily add movies from a wide variety of online video sites. According to the developers, it currently supports over 20 video sites. Downloads 21,685.

Embed QuickTimeSpecifically helps you embed QuickTime movies to play directly in your posts. As opposed to other plugins it let you real embedding of QuickTime videos and not forcing redirect to another window. Downloads 18,961.

Embedly - Maybe the easiest to use as it embed videos, images and rich media from 73 sources with just the URL. No need to extra code in your posts. Downloads 2,864.

Post video players slideshow and photo galleries – Provide one plugin for embedding all different types of media, videos, slideshows, photo albums etc. Downloads 18703


If you rarely embed a video on your blog you should use the code scripts provided by the video publisher site. If manage many videos you should use a plugin to help you manage your embedded videos and increase your efficiency

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