How To Promote Your Blog – 10 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To

There are many ways I use to promote my blog. Some require daily effort such as social networks, while in other cases you need just a one time effort. In this article I’ll present a list of 10 blog directories to submit your blog to. Not all are free blog directories but all worth the [...]

Drive More Traffic To Your Blog – One More Way

As bloggers we keep looking for ways to bring more traffic to our blogs. One of the ways is writing a guest post in one of the problogger blogs. However only few get such a chance. Imagine you could write a guest post in a blog with high page rank and a lot of traffic. [...]

Be a Better Blogger – 7 Ways to Learn as a Successful Blogger

They always tell you a successful blogger should keep learning… but what does it really mean. In this article I provide my interpretation of the word ‘Learn’ for a successful blogger, and 7 ways to learn as a blogger.

1 Simple Step to Increase Awareness to Your Blog and 1 Mistake

Writing comments in other blogs is one of the ways to promote your blog. But writing one comment usually won’t track many people to your blog. Usually it happen when people recognize several of your comments and like your contribution. Open one post in every blog and scroll down to the comment section. You probably [...]

How To Make The Best of All in One SEO Plugin Tutorial – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

All in One SEO Pack is the most downloaded WordPress plugin ever. It is one of my 8 plugins list I install with every new WordPress blog. It has more than 3,000,000 all time downloads. In this WordPress plugin tutorial I’ll show a simple way to make the best of All in One SEO Pack [...]

4 Simple Ways to Help Your Blog Posts Go Viral on Twitter

very blogger I know wish one of his posts will go viral on twitter.
In this post I’ll provide 4 simple ways to take action and help your blog posts go viral.

AddThis WordPress: AddThis Button Customization – On AddThis WordPress Plugin & Blogger Addon

Many of us bloggers aren’t technical experts. We don’t talk the languages of PHP, HTML, CSS and their kind. Our biggest fear is one day,find out, we cause some damage to our blog by changing some settings, and we can’t roll back. In many cases default settings values, assigned by developers, don’t fit for our [...]

2 Simple Ways To Bring RSS Readers Visit Your Blog

Some bloggers are concerned that RSS subscribers would never visit their blog. They fear it would lower number of ad impressions and decrease revenue. One way to get subscribers visit your blog is show them only a teaser for the post and a more link which will bring them to your blog. Personally I don’t [...]