WordPress Stats Chrome Extension

What is WordPress Stats for Chrome? WordPress Stats chrome extension provides you the referrers, top posts, search term and clicks of your blog without the need to login your blog dashboard.

New Blog Design for PlaceForBloggers.com with Thesis Professional WordPress Theme for Blog

The first step to become a pro blogger is starting a blog. The second step is have a pro blog design.

In this post I’d like to share the six 6 steps I took to have my new design.

How To Make Blog Successful – What is Google Analytics Bounce Rate

Most bloggers use Google Analytics report for checking their blog pageviews and unique users numbers. In this post I’ll discuss the bounce rate section, its importance for bloggers and ways to improve it.

Best WordPress Comment Plugin – WordPress Comment Widget

Don’t you hate it when you have spent time and written a blog post and no one comments on it?
In this article I’ll present 6 WordPress plugin that will encourage readers to comment on blog.

Earn Money – Blog Marketing Online Resources

I got great feedback emails about one of my previous post, about make money from RSS news feed, and was asked to write more about blog making money ways.
In this article I’ll present my top 5 resources for making money from blogs.

Top Blogger Twitter Widget – Blogger Twitter AddOn

In a previous post I provided a collection of WordPress Twitter plugins & widgets. I was asked by my Blogger readers to provide information about the corresponding blogspot Twitter widget & addons. I am not a blogger blog expert but did some research and here is what I found.

Top WordPress Twitter Plugin – WordPress Twitter Widget

WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets are a major trend in WordPress world. If you are a new blogger you probably ask your self How to add Twitter on WordPress, and probably confuse which is the best follow me on twitter widget.

Twitter Brand Loyalty – How To Change Twitter Avatar and not Lose Followers

How to change Avatar in new Twitter. People identify each other on Twitter by their Avatars. Avatars play role in building reputation and trust with Twitter followers. Changing your Avatar might confuse followers, and if not done carefully might even make you lose many followers.