How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

by Place for Bloggers

Choosing Domain NameChoosing the right domain name for your blog is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when setting up a new blog.

There is no doubt that having your own domain name make your blog look more professional. It is one of the things people recognize when visiting your blog and one of the things they remember later. A visitor who remembers your domain name will more likely to click it when recognizing your domain in a search result page.

When choosing your domain:

Think long term

Try not to limit your options. If you currently want to write about basketball but you feel you would also like to write about other kinds of sport don’t include the word ‘basketball’ in your domain.

Consult with a native English speaker

Even if English is not your mother tongue, your readers will forgive you for small errors in your posts. Using wrong English in a domain just make you look unprofessional.

Look up your domain words in a dictionary

Some words has more than one meaning. For example consider the word consumtion in a domain name. Your first thought would b,e that a blog with that word in his domai,n is about buying someting or general economics, but consumption is also another word for tuberculosis (infectious disease).

Your domain name should be your blog name

It’s not a must, but naming a blog after its domain name is important for the simple reason that when people think of your blog, they’ll think of it by name. If your name is also your URL, they’ll automatically know where to go.

Choose a name that is

unique, catchy,  short, memorable, not easily confused, hard to misspell, related to the core of your blog.  But keep in mind that you probably won’t find a domain that is all of the above. When someone ask me to help him find a domain name, I personally most like ‘memorable‘ and ‘related to the core of your blog‘.

Consider using Keywords in the domain name

Keywords tell people what the blog is about. Keywords make it easier to rank and get traffic from search engines.

Choose a name you like

When taking into account all of the above and many more tips you can find in Google, don’t forget that eventually it should be a name, that when someone asks you, you would be proud to say “I own”.

Registering Your  Domain Name:

Registering a new domain is a very simple task. You should buy your domain from a known vendor such as Go Daddy.

It is important to buy a domain from a known vendor to make sure you privately own your domain. Some hosting services will suggest you to get your domain for free when buying hosting services, but usually it means that they would be the domain owners. If and when you decide to chnage your hosting service you would also have to deal with domain ownership transfer.

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